We execute FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE MICRO learning solutions that create cultural shifts for organizations at blazing speeds


Rethink meetings for a new wave of efficiency

Professionals state that 33% of meetings are not productive. For most organizations, this equates to thousands of wasted man-hours per year. We redefine the “new normal” on how productive meetings work. Participants will learn to maximize meeting efficiency and effectiveness.

Install the 3D's to realize results

Examine your organization. Is your team aligned? Are you fighting the right problems? Are change initiatives a joke at the water cooler or a reality you move towards every day? Our threefold method is key for all leaders - Diagnose, Design, and Deliver


Instill inclusion to maximize organizational impact

All people exhibit forms of unconscious bias, but most organizations are not aware of the keen effect this bias has over their culture. We go beyond simple teaching on  diversity and  leverage inclusion to create true individual and organizational success.


A solution for today's accountability setbacks

Insufficient reporting structures and management systems result in a culture that lacks accountability. Deadlines slip away, mistakes are repeated, and overall morale is lowered. We deliver a cultural solution that creates a sense of community, fosters dialogue, and ultimately develops true accountability.

Exceptional customer service, enterprise-wide

Customers are twice as likely to share their bad experiences as compared to positive experiences. In today’s information age with the unlimited reach of social media, organizations cannot afford a damaged reputation because they failed to create a culture of exceptional customer service.

Precise training for quick improvements

Far too often are projects past deadline, over-budget, and under-actualized. A root cause: your employees are not equipped with the frameworks and skillsets essential for success. We will bring your team up to speed with new paradigms that transform the way projects are led and managed.

Change how you manage incoming information

In today’s fast paced work environment, no organization can afford the wasted time, lost dollars, and decreased employee engagement associated with employees “living in their inbox”. We offer a game changing solution that enables employees to stay focused in today’s noisy and complex world.

Presentations should be focused and effective

Many presentations miss the mark on getting the most important ideas across. The Blaze presentation methodology will set your ideas apart, streamline business communication and increase organizational productivity by focusing on message clarity, engaging content, and delivery skills.


Our engagement starts with a conversation

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