90 Days of App Supported

Our Reinforcement Strategies

1) 90/90

Make your training stick and create the behavior change you need to get the  results you want.

Our 90/90 methodology is 90 minutes of learning followed by 90 days of reinforcement.  Through our revolutionary platform, all participants are guided through multiple weekly Micro-burst training segments for the first 30 days.  Month 2 focuses on Gamifying the Activities and Behaviors taught in the prior month's training.  Month 3 is about reinforcing the behavior through Reporting, Recognition, and Rewards.  Over the course of 90 days, each participant will have learned, practiced and reinforced the behaviors necessary to create lasting performance improvement.  Which will help your organization achieve the Results you want!

2) Execution in your pocket

Unite your teams and employees on the essential Activities and Behaviors to achieve your Key GOAL’s and Strategies

Execution in Your Pocket is our technology-based application that will revolutionize how your team members achieve their top priorities and your organizations top goals. This app will give you unprecedented visibility into the key activities your teams are doing to execute on the most important goals.  We do this by guiding participants to identify the key Activities and Behaviors they need to accomplish those goals and gamifying their performance.  Keeping Score and celebrating these wins (both, in a very visible way) creates engagement and improved results like never before.


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