Today’s Project Leadership Dilemma

According to PMI, 60% of projects run beyond deadline, 56% come-in over budget and only half complete the original goals of the project. Additionally, most employees lack the basic framework and skillsets to accomplish projects with success.  Without these vital components your teams are playing a non-winnable game. Frustration, lack of fulfilment and low employee engagement are the long term results. How much will this cost your organization?

Blaze Project Leadership Solution

Project Leadership is a 2 hour, game changing solution for your entire organization.   Effectively running a project takes a strong initiation, team buy-in, and a plan for a successful close. Our Project Leadership solution goes beyond basic project management training and focuses on how to effectively initiate projects, build a sense of community around goals and close on-time and within budget. 


•    Participants learn how to effectively initiate their projects.
•    Participants learn not to “spin their wheels” getting the project started faster. 
•    Participants build a sense of community with their teams.
•    Make faster decisions by identifying key sponsor project needs.
•    Become proficient on utilizing the Project Leadership planning tool.