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Microlearning is a hot topic in Learning & Development space and we are passionate about the results microlearning can deliver. Microlearning gives your organization the ability to create a tipping point of learners which ensures more people have the language and skills they need and can quickly apply them.  Our microlearning programs fall into one of 3 categories:

  1. Microburst Videos – 3 minute or less, pre-recorded/self paced videos with 1 key point
  2. Live Virtual Microlearning – 30-90 min. content delivered live, virtually, with no more than 3 key points.  
  3. Live In-Person Microlearning – 30-90 min. content delivered live in-class with no more than 3 key points.  These sessions are often delivered to multiple groups on the same day.  

Our Micro-Learning Strategy

1) implementation design

"Implementation Design" is our way of reframing the concept of Instructional Design.  We create new content with the end in mind, delivering a result that is action based. We are not just transferring knowledge.  We believe that it is imperative to rethink how learning is designed, instead of making sure participants KNOW the material we focus on ensuring participants IMPLEMENT the knowledge they gained.  

2) Design the training specifically for you

"Design by Demand" is our process of creating new content.  Instead of relying solely on off-the-shelf content, our microlearning philosophy allows us the ability to design content based on the demands of our clients.  Whatever your need may be, we take the time to analyze the root issues your organization is facing and create content that will address those specific needs, without any fluff that participants don’t need.  

3) embark on development journeys (not 8-hour cram sessions)

A development journey is our method for ensuring participants are consistently growing and applying content.  Each journey is designed specifically for individual clients’ needs.  Typically, we deliver microlearning content monthly, followed by a team coaching call between sessions to ensure application from participants.  A development journey is a great way to increase engagement and create a culture of learning and improvement within your organization.  

Core Offerings:

Rethink meetings for a wave of efficiency

Install the 3D's to realize results


Instill inclusion to maximize impact

A solution for accountability setbacks


Exceptional service, enterprise-wide

Precise training for quick improvements

Better management of incoming information

Focused and effective


Our engagement starts with a conversation.

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