Today’s Incoming Information Challenge

Recent IDC research states that the average employee spends 28% of their time reading, writing or responding to email; 19% of total time tracking down information to complete daily tasks, leaving only 53% of time remaining to focus on important organizational goals. In today’s fast paced work environment, no organization can afford the wasted time, lost dollars, and decreased employee engagement associated with employees “living in their inbox”.

Blaze Getting to Zerø Inbox Solution

Getting to a Zerø Inbox is a 2 hour, hands on, high impact cultural game changer designed for your entire organization.  We educate and guide participants through a step-by-step process that reduces total time spent in their inbox.  Participants leave the session with a new Outlook® format and the skills needed to get to a Zerø inbox at the end of every day. This innovative solution will increase productivity across your entire organization, enabling employees to stay focused in today’s noisy, complex and challenging technological world.


•    Participants will reduce time spent in their inbox by as much as 30%.
•    Participants will instantly realize speed and increase e-mail productivity.
•    Participants will create better focus by effectively utilizing Microsoft Outlook® to manage tasks, calendar and contacts.
•    Participants will leverage quickstep functions, rules and folder management.