We understand the Psychology and Neuroscience of Execution


Extraordinary Execution requires a Scalable Process and Tool


Our simple and powerful process ensures organizations bridge the gap between strategy and results for every goal and change initiative.

Our  mobile-enabled tool brings people back to the game of Execution every day. It connects the heart to the mind of every individual within your organization.  

Daily inspiration, not weekly justification.  


Quite frankly, we are the world’s leading authority on achieving great results. 

Whether you have 10,000 people or 10 we hear the same complaints/issues:

1. Too many goals. 

2. Don’t know what the goals are. 

3. Don’t know how to impact them. 

4. Lack of Consistency or Accountability. 

We’ve created a better way. 


"Blaze Performance Solutions has distilled the essence of successful Execution with their 3 Keys and the ABC's. I love the simplicity of their approach. You'll learn the formula of how to execute with speed and precision, but also equally important, when and why execution fails. If you've struggled with accomplishing team and company goals, you need Blaze."


David M.R. Covey, CEO of SMCOV    

“Execution might seem easy and something obvious for all managers and executives. However,  over the yearsI have discovered that almost every company I've been involved with, has been struggling with Execution. It often gets lost in complex methods or insurmountable amounts of daily tasks and unclear priorities. Therefore, I am delighted by how Blaze has pinned execution down to the core of getting things done. The 3 Keys of Execution is a must-read for every leader in business.”

 Johan Frilund, CEO

Methodology – The 3 Keys of Execution™


A Better Way - The 3 Keys of Execution™

1. Simplicity – Everyone understands what the goal is, why it’s important, and their part of it.
2. Visibility – Everyone can see what everyone else is doing daily about the goal.
3. Accountability – From the C-Suite to the front line, everyone is equally accountable for their goal actions.

We help you take the complex and make it SIMPLE, make all actions and behaviors VISIBLE while creating an environment that holds team members ACCOUNTABLE yet increases productivity instead of breaking it. 

Mobile Platform - Execution In Your Pocket™


Daily Real-Time Experience (Celebration of my performance)

Execution In Your Pocket™  brings people back to the game of Execution every day. It connects the heart to the mind of every individual within your organization.  

Daily input and celebration of what you do and feel good about, instead of a weekly, monthly, or quarterly justification of your existence.  

This cloud-based, mobile-enabled, gamified platform allows every team member and leader to connect and see their contribution instantly.  This connectivity and visibility creates  Teamwork and Engagement at a whole other level.  



Daily Inspiration with SMS text reminders to keep participants engaged and inspire them to greatness daily.



Weekly micro-burst training on Execution, Leadership and Productivity Topics to help every participant become more effective at executing their goals and leading themselves.



Daily real-time recognition that keeps participants engaged and motivated through gamification, real-time leaderboards, and internal social networking capabilities.



Celebration of your Daily Victories!    Daily input of what you did, and feel good about, to ensure success for you and your organization.



 The system creates the habit of excellence and achievement through weekly focus and daily success. Most content providers are content with a 20% usage rate, our platform typically delivers a 70% to 85% usage rate. 


5-minute Overview of The 3 Keys of Execution™

The What, Why, and How of The 3 Keys of Execution™

 Learn how to create Extraordinary Results implementing  The 3 Keys of Execution™. 

How to utilize Execution In Your Pocket™ to Win, Engage, and Sustain!!