Today’s Inclusion Challenge

All people exhibit forms of unconscious bias.  While some biases have very little impact, others can have an extremely negative organizational impact.  A lack of inclusion causes many organizations to miss out on obtaining valuable talent and achieving desired organizational outcomes.  Generally, most organizations are not even aware that unconscious bias even affects their culture.  Many organizations simply teach the concept of diversity in an effort to change the culture. In most cases, the needle never moves.  

The Blaze Culture of Inclusion Solution

The Blaze Culture of Inclusion is a 2-hour session designed to both create awareness of unconscious bias and teach participants how their individual biases affect the culture of their organization.  The session teaches participants how to effectively leverage inclusion to create true individual and organizational success. Beyond simply identifying bias, this session gives participants the tools that create a culture that values respect amidst differing opinions, renews focus on improved productivity and creates successful individual and organizational outcomes.  The Blaze Culture of Inclusion increases the speed at which you conduct business. 


  • Participants will learn how to identify their unconscious biases.
  • Participants will create an action plan for negating their negative biases.
  • Participants will learn how to respectfully manage relational conflict.
  • Participants will learn how both Diversity and Inclusion impact the Culture of organizational goals and business outcomes.