Today's Customer Service Challenge

According to a recent Bain & Co study, customers are 4 times more likely to move to a competitor when they experience a problem related to customer service. At the same time, a study by Defaqto Research states that 55% of consumers are willing to pay MORE for a better customer service experience.  Customers are twice as likely to share their bad experiences as compared to positive experiences. In today’s information age with the unlimited reach of social media, organizations cannot afford a damaged reputation because they failed to create a culture of exceptional customer service.

Creating a Culture of Exceptional Customer Service

Solution Blaze Creating a Culture of Customer Service solution is a 2 hour, dynamic revitalization of your organization’s customer service mindset and behavior. By empowering employees to define their distinct contribution to each customer this solution creates a mission critical shift that ignites a unified passion for customer service across every level within the organization. Participants will set the new standard of customer service and create accountability within their collective work groups, creating an organic wave of change throughout your organization.


  • Participants will define what world-class customer service looks like in your organization.
  • Participants will draft team customer service standards.
  • Participants will create an immediate implementation plan. 
  • Participants will create a team or business unit charter to execute accountability.