Today’s Cultural Accountability Challenge

In today’s matrix driven workforce, it is harder than ever to ensure a culture of accountability.  Employees are working alongside peers and colleagues where there is no clear reporting structure in place.  When lacking a strong culture of accountability, tasks are not completed in a timely fashion, mistakes are repeated on a regular basis and employee morale is lowered. 

The Blaze Culture of Accountability Solution

The Blaze Culture of Accountability solution is a 2 hour, hard hitting cultural pivot for your entire organization. By empowering participants to define their work based mission statement, we lay the foundation for them to begin open and honest dialogues creating alignment with the mission and goals of the organization.  In 2 hours the participants will define their work based mission statement and participate in an intact work group discussion, creating a sense of community and building a culture of accountability. 


•    Participants will craft their personal and/or team work mission statement.
•    Participants will draft a team accountability document.
•    Participants will discuss effective modes of issue resolution.
•    Participants will learn how to utilize the Discussion Planner Tool.